International Beverage concludes acquisition of Larsen Cognac

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Anti Bribery & Corruption Policy

Business Integrity and Ethical Conduct

International Beverage Holdings is committed to the highest standards of business integrity and ethical conduct in our business activities around the world. Our company operates a zero tolerance stance in relation to any form of bribery, corruption or improper payments by, or of, its employees, customers, suppliers or consultants or any person or body acting on its behalf. Our policies and code of conduct ensure:

  • A senior level commitment to implement effective measures to prevent, monitor and eliminate bribery and to ensure there is a zero tolerance culture regarding bribery and corruption across the company.
  • Full compliance with the law in every country in which we operate, regardless of local customs.
  • Due diligence with regard to all business partners, agents, subsidiaries and contractors to ensure compliance with our bribery and corruption policies.
  • Clear guidelines and practical policies in place with regard to bribery and corruption for the company and all employees, relating to the receiving and giving of gifts and hospitality in relation to undue influence and incentive.
  • The company will never offer or give money, gifts or hospitality or other advantages to foreign public officials in order to gain a business advantage.
  • The company will never give facilitation payments.
  • There are clear communication structures for the reporting of any forms of perceived bribery.