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Balblair Distillery

As the quintessential distillery, Balblair sits on a remote and unspoiled hillside overlooking the Dornoch Firth in the North of Scotland. Balblair Whiskies is the embodiment of everything it stands for, using only the finest ingredients and traditional processes to craft its distinctive, characterful whisky.

Our single malt is the product of the patience and dedication of our hands-on craftspeople, who won’t settle for anything other than the best for Balblair.  We are never rushed and never compromised. From the exceptionally long 62-hour fermentation and the 4 1/2 hours of extremely slow distillation, it is this measured and thoughtful approach that allows us to harness time to create the flavour of our unique new make spirit.

CASK 1659 2 large

Capacity - 1.6MLPA

Shell and tube condensers

Spirit Still Charge -11,751L

Wooden Washbacks

Water source - Allt Dearg Burn

8 Dunnage Warehouses

Balblair Distillery Manager John MacDonald detail

John MacDonald

Distillery Manager

A native Highlander, John has always had an in-built appreciation and respect for whisky-making, and has dedicated his entire working life to the craft.

After leaving college, John’s first position in a distillery was at one not too far from our own. It was supposed to be a year out but John ended up staying for 17 years. During that time, John learned about every aspect of whisky-making. He went from warehouse boy to mill-man to mash-man, and then still-man, before finishing up as the Assistant Distillery Manager.

But when the post of Distillery Manager became available at Balblair back in 2006, John jumped at the chance. After all, this was his dream job, having always been a huge admirer of Balblair whisky, the distillery and its location.

Balblair Distillery outside Distillery


Our commitment to sustainability runs through all that we do. From water stewardship to energy efficiency, our pro-active approach has been years in the making and we work closely with the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) in our efforts to achieve net-zero carbon by 2040.

dornach firth

Water Stewardship

Balbalir was our first site within the international beverage portfolio to trial high gravity mashing and we are now on our second phase of trials having reduced the water for a second time.

Balblair Stills large

Energy Reduction

In summer 2023 we installed a new Thermal Vapour Recompression (TVR) system which will greatly reduce energy consumption resulting in less LPG being used. The TVR will reuse low energy/temperature waste heat from the distillation process. This low energy/temperature heat is recompressed through a venturi system by using steam, fed from a fossil fuel fired primary source, as the motive power to recompress it into high energy/temperature vapour which is then suitable as the primary heat source for reuse in the wash distillation process again. This saves approximately 30% fossil fuel usage within the wash distillation process.

Balblair 25 year old whisky 1024x610


At Balblair we are planning a partnership with Acorn Bioenergy, and all co-products from distillation will be sent to an anaerobic digestion facility to create low carbon biogas or use as an alternative fuel for vehicles and as renewable heat.

Balblair Distillery Dornoch Firth originalBalblair Standing Stone original

Distillery Location

Our Highland home sits on an ancient Pictish gathering place; giving it an intriguing, mystical feel. The Picts gathered over 3,000 years ago, and like us, they were watched over by the solitary Clach Biorach standing stone which sits next to the distillery to this day. An iconic carved Z Rod marking bears witness to this rich history and is symbolised on each bottle of Balblair.

From Black Isle barley to the open lade water that flows down the Edderton Hills capturing natural local flavour, this shapes our outstandingly light, yet complex spirit created in our original squat neck pot stills.

Distillery Location

Balblair Distillery
IV19 1LB
United Kingdom

01862 821273

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